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OCTOBER - Coffee Harvest

Words from Mr Moonshine himself...

"My point of difference with Moonshine is that I have a experience not only as a roaster but also in coffee farming. All my blends are roasted on the farm and contain local bean. With harvest in Spring, its a great way to educate Moonshine to coffee drinkers, many of which probably don’t know there is a local coffee growing industry".


DECEMBER - Beer Collaboration & Launch / Straight Off the Tree Coffee,  Cherry Pale Ale

Moonshine did a collaboration this year with Gavin Croft from Croft Brewing (a small Brisbane based brewer) were they used the coffee cherry (fruit) to brew the beer. You may or may not be aware but most (if not all) commercial coffee beers use brewed and / or roasted coffee to infuse their beer.  They did only one keg last year which we road tested at Black Coffee Lyrics on the Gold Coast. Moonshine are pretty confident this is the first of it’s kind to be done commercially. Flavour wise the cherries (with green bean) give an earthy grape and raisin character that shine through in this well hopped 4.5% pale.  With harvest coming up Gavin and Mr Moonshine are in conversation about brewing the next, larger batch of Coffee Cherry Pale Ale - approximately 20 kegs plus potentially bottles. Watch this space for an eta!

Posted on October 22, 2015 .